#i was in a diy shop the other day #and this kid was choosing a paint colour for his room #(i say kid but i actually have no concept of what i mean by that #i’m old enough now that i see a small person and i’m like you could be anywhere between 4 and 12 #because i have genuinely no concept of where in the spectrum you’d be #but i’m sensing that it’s an important distinction #either way the point is that this kid is a kid #i’d estimate he was anywhere between 6 and 14 #accuracy was never an option here) #and he’s arguing with his mum because he thinks the colour names are stupid #he goes ‘mum i do not want an azure blue or mint creme green room! #i want a cool colour! #i want fire red or a serious black-‘ #and then he shuts up for a second and he’s clearly processing #and you can see the penny dropt #he exact moment where he realizes what he’s just said #and he just shout ‘SIRIUS BLACK WAS AN ANIMAGUS AND HARRY POTTER’S RIGHTFUL GODFATHER’ #and this point his mum is just trying get some distance between them #at the same time as i’m edging towards this child and wondering if i could take him and anyone would notice #she backing away presumably wishing that somebody would #in the end this kid (of nondescript age) ends up sitting cross legged in the middle of the shop floor chanting ‘serious sirius black’ #more than anything i want to grab him by his midgety child body and shake and go ‘I KNOW THAT FEEL’ #but apparently that sort of thing is generally discouraged #i was only in the shop for a paintbrush anyway

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